Our personalised school tutoring allows every child to achieve their full potential, all from the comfort of your own home

Face-to-face tutoring tailored for every child
Our Goal: Help every student reach theirs
  • Full Working With Children Checks
  • No lock-in contracts. Rebook in a few clicks. Join lessons from the comfort of your home
Safe. Seamless.

  • We follow what each student learns at school, track results and assign interactive and engaging homework
  • Delivered by exceptional tutors in an innovative virtual classroom
Personalised for every student
More than just a tutor

  • Set goals, track results and earn badges and rewards. Let's make learning fun!
  • Access recordings and reports for every lesson

Over 25,000 lessons delivered

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No contract or lock-in. Money back guarantee
Trusted by Australian parents
More than just a tutor
Set goals and track results
Students who set goals, achieve them. See all goals and results in one place
Awards and badges
Let's make learning fun! Students win badges and prizes for completing lessons, being engaged and tracking their results
Reports and recordings for every lesson
Parents can stay up to date on how their child is tracking. Students can easily track and revise subjects
Reschedule and rebook in clicks
Easily reschedule lessons on the go with our app. Join our innovative virtual classroom in one click.
Who we can help
Falling behind or lacking confidence
Catch-up and find learning fun again! It's amazing what a boost of confidence can do
Catching up from Covid
Students spent half a school year out of the classroom, leaving key gaps in learning
Gifted and under-challenged
Online tutoring gives you access to higher year levels and top tutors not in your area
Have needs the classroom can't meet
We have tutors who help children of all needs. Ask us about NDIS options.
Preparing for selective school tests

Work towards a specific test or selective school. The earlier you start, the better your outcome

Targeting a top ATAR score
Our tutors have top ATARs and will help you get there too
And more...
Our lesson plans can be personalised for all needs
Join Australia's fastest growing online tutoring provider
Lessons delivered
Subjects and years covered
Customer satisfaction
How much does LearnEd cost?
LearnEd costs between $44 and $70 per hour for individual and $39 to $48 for group. Head to our pricing page for more detail
How do hourly credits work?
We use an hourly credit system to give you complete flexibility.

When you sign up to a plan you will receive hourly credits.
  • For a weekly plan, you will receive these at the start of each week (one for the one hour plan, two for the two hour, etc)
  • For a pre-paid plan, you will receive them all at once. For example, on a two hours a week package, paid 10 weeks in advance, you would receive 20 credits.
These credits can then be used on any subjects or tutors. Credits also roll over into the next week, so you can easily use them if you miss a lesson one week.
What subjects and years do you cover?
We cover all years and all major subjects.

We have over 400 different year-subject combinations, so there is a good chance we have yours!
Can I cancel my plan?
Yes. You can cancel your plan any time. This will take effect from the next billing cycle.
How are lessons conducted?
The lessons are done via our virtual classroom, which makes virtual tutoring as easy as writing on pen and paper but with many additional benefits. We can follow your textbook, or our textbooks or a combination of both to teach you the content relevant to your syllabus.
How am I matched with my tutor?
We look carefully at the tutor's profile, including students they've worked with before, to ensure we match you with someone perfect. Our tutors range from top ATAR university students to experienced educators, so you're sure to get a great match.
Are your tutors vetted?
Yes. All our tutors have passed a Working With Children Check, as well as a rigorous interview and selection process, with only around 2% of applicants accepted. This ensures you are connected with the absolute best tutors in Australia!
What if I can't make a lesson?
If you can't make a lesson your lesson credit will roll-over and you can reschedule the lesson for another day or week. Simply contact your tutor to move the time.
Speak to one of our education consultants
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