Online vs Offline tutoring
Up until recently, offline tutoring was the little sibling to traditional in-person tutoring. But in the last few years, two major trends have seen it emerge as a genuine option for parents.
The first requires little explanation: a global pandemic upended our lives and had us using entirely online systems for an extended period. The second has been building for longer: technology and internet speeds have reached a tipping point where the online experience is becoming no different to in-person, and indeed superior in some areas.
All this leaves parents and students asking the question: which to choose? Online obviously has its benefits, but is it a genuine option to replace in-person?
In this article we break down three key comparisons between the two.
This is the area where online most clearly wins out over in-person. Parents are busy enough without having to drop off their kids at tutoring centers. Likewise, having a tutor come to your house can be difficult to arrange and expensive if you need to pay for their travel time. With an online tutor you can finish a lesson at 5pm and have dinner at 5:01pm (ok, this depends on how big your house is).

Similarly, online gives more flexibility. You can split into 30-minute lessons (especially effective for younger students) and easily reschedule and rebook lessons.

Winner: online
Because it removes travel time, online tutoring can be delivered at a more competitive price compared to in-person. While this might not constitute a large amount for each lesson, it can really add up over time. Even if the tutor doesn’t charge explicitly for the time, they may end up organizing lessons that are two or more hours long to reduce average travel time per lesson. While longer lessons aren’t inherently bad, students have short attention spans and do benefit from more frequent and shorter lessons.

Winner: online
When you ask parents why they want in-person tutoring, they typically say that their child will be more focused with someone in the room with them. Certainly, most students are used to following someone in person, and the format is what most people have grown up with.

But in our experience, the tutor and the content are more important than the format. A great tutor online will engage a student more than an average tutor in person. We’ve helped dozens of students with significant learning needs, including ADHD, autism, and dyslexia through online tutoring. By going online, you can find the best tutor in the country for your child, not just the best person in your suburb (or your friend’s friend's 16-year-old).

Finally, we shouldn’t understate the potential of online tools. Tutors can use fun and engaging digital tools during the lesson. Platforms like LearnEd let them set goals and track results, reward students for achievements, and record lessons so that parents know how sessions went.

Winner: split decision
Online - takes it out for convenience, cost and its rich set of features
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