Increase your child's confidence post-lockdown with face-to-face tutoring tailored to their individual needs
Covid was the biggest disruption to learning in a generation, and led to many students falling behind. It's not too late to catch up
10+ weeks

Potential learning loss for Australian students
Source: Grattan Institute

Of Australian teachers are worried about learning loss
Source: The Educator

Possible global loss to future student incomes from Covid lockdowns
Source: Unicef, World Bank

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Covid caused serious challenges to traditional learning
Reduced 1-to-1 time with teachers

The virtual classroom setting meant many students - particularly quiet or less confident ones - didn't get the one on one time they typically would

Difficulty tracking engagement and results

Without being in-person, teachers struggled to fully track how engaged students were, meaning that many slipped under the radar

Reliance on parents and caregivers

Parents did an incredible job through lockdown supporting their children. But the demands of other work and the lack of formal training meant it wasn't the same as a teacher

Less social engagement and confidence

Students thrive in a social, empowering environment. The isolation and lack of social activity affected many students' confidence

LearnEd has helped hundreds of students rebuild confidence since March 2020
We take a tried and tested 3-step approach:
Catch-up missed modules
This might be a concept that was taught 1 year ago but is essential to the next module
Targeted homework and exercises
Once we find the gaps, work to build them back up
Rebuild confidence

Often a small bit of encouragement after a difficult couple of years can make all the difference
We think of our students as our children, so like you, our goal is for them to succeed. Here's how:
We follow the school curriculum
Whether your child is falling behind, or is accelerating, we ensure they are on top of what they are learning or will learn at school. This builds our students’ confidence and makes them believe in their ability to achieve and excel.
Like a parent, we track results and course correct if needed
We monitor and track progress towards your child's goals so that you don’t have to. We will then make any necessary changes (e.g., changes to style of teaching, tutor, content, support outside the lesson). We ensure your child reaches their goals and full potential.
Tutoring doesn't end in the lesson
Your child will complete interactive and engaging homework in an online platform to deepen their understanding. We track the results of this, and during the lesson, deep dive into problem areas. This makes tutoring more effective.
Our tutors are experts
All our tutors go through a rigorous selection process in terms of their technical, teaching, and interpersonal skills (we hire only 2% of our tutoring applicants). We individually match one of our expert, friendly and patient tutors to your child based on their personality and learning needs
We ensure quality, so you don't have to worry
Our expert education team regularly reviews recorded lessons to assess, coach and develop our tutors. We also provide you with weekly feedback reports so you always know how your child is progressing. You can also access lesson recordings to see first-hand how the lessons are going.
We are conveniently online
Our lessons are online and face to face with one of our expert tutors in Australia - no more rushing to a centre. Conveniently online with crisp audio, clear HD video and shared virtual whiteboard with your tutor (works just like pen and paper). View a demo here.
How It Works
Online platform
All our lessons are online, which means you can do the lessons from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else that suits)
Face-to-face tutoring
You have tutoring with a live face-to-face Australian expert tutor, with real-time video, audio and a virtual whiteboard
Recorded lessons
All lessons are recorded so you can review your lessons while doing homework or preparing for exams
Quality assurance
Because all our lessons are online and recorded, our education team regularly reviews lessons to improve your learning experience
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