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How It Works
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We'll get some details to understand how we can help and your availability. One of our education advisers may contact you, or you can sign-up via text or email
Confirm tutor
Once confirmed, we will match you with a tutor perfect for you. This typically takes 1-2 days
First lesson
Your tutor will contact you, and you'll have your first lesson in our virtual classroom
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Use our convenient parent portal to reschedule lessons, access recordings and reports, and add goals

We think of our students as our children, so like you, our goal is for them to succeed.

Here's how:
We follow the school curriculum

Whether your child is falling behind or is accelerating, we ensure they are on top of what they are learning or will learn at school. This builds our students’ confidence and makes them believe in their ability to achieve and excel.

We cover all curricula
Like a parent, we track results and course correct if needed
We monitor and track progress towards student goals and make any necessary changes to ensure your child reaches their goals and full potential.

Access recordings and reports after every lesson to keep on top of progress
Tutoring doesn't end in the lesson

Your child will complete interactive and engaging homework to deepen their understanding

We track the results of this, and during the lesson, deep dive into problem areas
Our tutors are experts

All our tutors go through a rigorous selection process in terms of their technical, teaching, and interpersonal skills, and we hire only 2% of our tutoring applicants.

Our expert education team regularly reviews recorded lessons to assess, coach and develop our tutors
We are conveniently online

Our lessons are online and face to face with one of our expert tutors in Australia - no more rushing to a tutoring centre.

Our lessons are delivered through an innovative online classroom, with crisp audio, clear HD video and a shared virtual whiteboard with your tutor

We make learning fun

Students earn badges and rewards for completing lessons, achieving goals and receiving positive feedback

LearnEd encourages students to engage with their education
See a lesson in action
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