LearnEd Lesson-match programme
Transforming lives through education
LearnEd works in partnership with Life Without Barriers, an organisation that supports thousands of foster children around Australia.

LearnEd customers can donate a small amount on top of each lesson. 100% of these proceeds will pay for tutors for students in foster care. We will also match $5/lesson for any new students.

Students in foster care are 24% less likely to meet Year 9 NAPLAN standards, 20% less likely to finish Year 12 and four times more likely to be suspended from school. As a result, rates of unemployment, homelessness and criminal convictions are significantly higher. With your support, we can give children around Australia help in breaking this cycle.

Interested in supporting?
You can add a donation in the parent portal or by contacting us at support@learned.au. We recommend $5/hr to start. We will automatically apply this amount to your weekly invoice starting next week. All money raised will go towards the cost of tutors for the program.
About LWB
Life Without Barriers helps support 20,000 Australians across over 500 communities with foster care, disability support and other services. It has a long history of supporting children and young people in out of home care.

Recently they have implemented an Education Strategy to support the education and learning opportunities of children and young people in OOHC. Education engagement and attainment is one of the most protective factors for children in out of home care both now and for their futures.

Research indicates that children and young people in OOHC experience:
  • Double the absences
  • Almost four times the number of suspensions: 23% versus 6% of their non care peers
  • 13% fewer students meeting NAPLAN National minimum standards (reading) in Year 3 widening to 24% fewer in Year 9
  • 57% of young people completing 12 years of school (compared to 72 % peers)
  • Less opportunity to progress to post-secondary education or training
  • More likely to encounter the criminal justice system
  • More likely to experience unemployment, lower wages and homelessness

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About the Lesson Match programme
LearnEd, and the Learn Without Barriers Education crew share a vision that all students have the right to success regardless of their individual situations. To achieve this vision, LearnEd is partnering with our existing customers to support opportunities for children and young people in OOHC to access tutoring at no cost.

Many learners in OOHC are at risk of educational disadvantage, requiring targeted support. With your assistance, we can contribute to bridging these worrying gaps for this cohort of learners.

Students will be selected by LWB, with the approval and support of their carers.