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Trusted by hundreds of Aussie parents every week

Trusted by hundreds of Aussie parents every week

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I want to try LearnEd, what are the next steps?
  1. Create a LearnEd account at
  2. Add a student
  3. Add a tutor
  4. Select the subject that you need tutoring for
  5. Browse for your preferred tutor or select "Pick Tutor For Me".
  6. Enter booking details.
  7. We'll notify you as soon as the tutor accepts the booking, usually within 1-2 days.
Does my tutor stay the same or change
Your tutor stays the same each week
How does tutoring work?
All our lessons are conducted online in our engaging digital classroom. The online setting also means you can connect with the best tutor anywhere in the country. We'll set you up with a tutor for weekly lessons at a pre-arranged day and time. You can add subjects with your current tutor, or add an additional tutor for the subject you'd like support with. You can cancel your tutoring arrangements at any time with 5 days notice. You can also reschedule lessons or pause your service (cancel lessons for a limited time) over the school holidays if you aren't available for tutoring.
How are your tutors selected?
LearnEd is highly selective and only recruits 2% of tutor applicants. Our tutors go through a two-stage process. Firstly, we view their resume and academic credentials and previous tutoring experience. If they pass our strict criteria, they are invited to the interview stage. In the interview stage, we assess their communication, presentation, and teaching skills with a mock teaching demonstration.
What if I don't like my tutor?
You can request to change your tutor by contacting the support team at
How much is the first lesson?
Your first session will be $29.
Are there any discounts?
You can save further by prepaying after your confirm your booking. You also automatically receive $10 off your second weekly hour and $20 off your third weekly hour onwards.
Still have questions?
Talk to one of our friendly team members