Improve your students’ results and confidence with personalised tutoring and lessons

๐ŸŽOne-to-one or highly cost effective small group models

๐Ÿ’ต Receive up to $1000 in lesson credits for your school

๐Ÿ“ˆ 95% of students see improvement in results and confidence

Improve student outcomes in a cost-effective way

Highly Personalised

Our tutors will understand each student’s individual needs and use curriculum aligned content in order to boost results

Cost Effective

Individual or small group classes. Small group classes have been shown to be an effective method of teaching (Grattan Institute, 2020)


Options to suit all needs and budgets. From 1 to 1000 students. In- or out-of-school options available

Credits & Discounts Available

Receive up to $1000 lesson credits for your school. Enquire to find out more

Organisations we’ve worked with

Reviews from Australian Parents

How LearnEd’s learning programs can be used at your school

Small Group Classes


Classes of 3-5 students. Recommended by the Grattan Institute as best model for post-Covid recovery, combining high effectiveness with cost efficiency.

Can be set up specifically for each school/class, or students can be given credits to access public group classes that match their schedule.



Individual Private Tutoring


We’ll match each student with the perfect tutor for individual lessons. Highly effective at improving results and confidence for students.ย 

Can be delivered during class time or after-school at times that match the student’s schedule.ย 


Lessons from as little as $20 per student

Frequently asked questions

Do tutors have Working With Children Checks?

Yes, all tutors have up to date WWCCs and we can supply tutor’s WWCC information on request.
Will students get lots of different tutors or mostly the same one?
You will have the same tutor every week. If you have multiple subjects you may have multiple tutors. You can always change your tutor if you feel like it isn’t the right fit.

Are you online or in-person?

LearnEd is predominantly delivered online through our innovative digital classroom, but offers in-person options, dependent on location and availability. Enquire to learn more.

Who do you employ as tutors?

We hire tutors of all types. Broadly speaking, they fall into one of three categories: university students with high ATARs and exceptional teaching skills; qualified teachers; and experienced tutors with a record of success.