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  • Harry Rowe Tutor

    Harry Rowe

    New South Wales

    An experienced tutor, who achieved a 98 ATAR including near-perfect scores in both Psychology and Physical Education, and now studies Physiotherapy at Griffith University. He's passionate about creating engaging and effective lessons for both younger and older students. An avid reader, he particularly enjoys tutoring English and literature subjects as well as helping people achieve over 90+ ATARS.

  • Macarena Vale

    Macarena Vela

    Western Australia

    Macarena is a skilled tutor in academic writing as well as experience as a preschool and primary teacher. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish, graduated university Magna Cum Laude. Macarena has worked exclusively with children learning English as a second language as well as students with learning difficulties and gifted and accelerated students. She is patient and creative, great at finding alternative methods to encourage students in their learning and understanding.

  • Cindy Tee


    Cindy is an experienced tutor and PhD candidate at Monash. She completed a Bachelor of Biotechnology and Bachelor of Medical Bioscience Double Degree, as well as a Science Honours project which she completed with a perfect 4.0 / 4.0 GPA. Cindy has more than 5 years of experience tutoring Maths & Biology. Believes in by gaining confidence in mastering a subject is the best skillset a student can equipped themselves with for learning & improvement.

  • Alex Varrachio

    South Australia

    Alex is a qualified teacher with over 10 years of experience. He gained a Master Degree in Applied Linguistics prior to completing his teaching qualification. Alex uses this practical experience and theoretical knowledge to guide and support his students in achieving their goals. Outside of education, he loves spending time with his young family.

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
Let us know about your goals and how we can help. Then we'll match you with the perfect {{mpg_learning_area}} tutor (or you can pick your preference). The tutor will develop a personalised learning plan for the student and conduct weekly lessons. You can use our convenient portal to access reports and recordings, reschedule and more.
Are you online or in-person?
LearnEd is predominantly delivered online through our innovative digital classroom, but offers in-person options, dependent on location and availability. Enquire to learn more.
Do tutors have Working With Children Checks?
Yes, all tutors have up to date WWCCs.
Who do you employ as tutors?
We hire tutors of all types. Broadly speaking, they fall into one of three categories: university students with high ATARs and exceptional teaching skills; qualified teachers; and experienced tutors with a record of success.
Will I get lots of different tutors or mostly the same one?
You will have the same tutor every week. If you have multiple subjects you may have multiple tutors. You can always change your tutor if you feel like it isn't the right fit.
Can I pick my tutor?
Yes! When you enquire, our team will understand the needs of the student. You can then pick a tutor specifically (dependent on availability), or let us pick a great one for you.
How much does LearnEd cost?
Our tutoring starts at $40 for small group lessons; individual tutoring pricing is dependent on the experience level of the tutor. Enquire to learn more.

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