Welcome to LearnEd!
We only select the most exceptional tutors in the country, so congratulations on joining the LearnEd family.

Before you begin tutoring, you will need to complete the steps below to ensure that all documents are complete and you know exactly what to do when it comes to your first lesson. Once you have completed all of the steps, you will be ready to start tutoring.

We look forward to seeing what you achieve!

Mitchell, David and the LearnEd Team

Tasks to Complete
Please complete the following onboarding steps within 7 days of starting with us so that we can begin assigning you some students.

If you are unable to complete this within 7 days, please email tutors@learned.au
Obtain a Valid WWCC
Before you can begin tutoring, you will need a valid (employee) Working With Children's Check (WWCC). The regulations differ by state, so ensure you have completed the steps necessary to be able to work with under-age students by the standards of your residential state: click here more info.
Submit Working With Children's Check
Create Tutor Portal Account
Create your LearnEd Tutor Portal account.
Create LearnEd Tutor Portal Account
Submit Your Availability & Tutoring Capacity
Go to the Availability Section in the My Profile tutor page and set your weekly availability and minimum/maximum desired tutoring hours. LearnEd will use this to assign students to you, so please keep both Availability and your min/max desired tutoring hours (your capacity) up to date.
Go to Tutor Profile
Submit Your Subject Preferences
Please complete this short form selecting your desired tutoring subjects and year levels to help us assign students to you. Please only select subjects you are confident that you can teach to a high level.
Subject Selection Form
Complete Your Short Biography and Introductory Video
Please complete a short written biography and record and introductory video at the following link.
Bio and Intro Video
Sign Contract
Once you have all of the valid documents, you will need to read and sign the Tutoring Contract by following this link. Please read it carefully as it is a legally binding document between you, the tutor, and LearnEd
Open Contract
You Are Ready To Start!
Well done for getting through the onboarding - you are now ready to be assigned students. Our scheduling administrators will be in touch within the next few weeks to assign your first student. In the mean time, you can access all important on the Tutor Portal Home page.
To be Completed Prior to your First Lesson
If you are unable to complete this, please email tutors@learned.au
Obtain ABN
As a LearnEd Tutor, you will be hired as a Contractor. This means we hire you for your tutoring service, and you charge us using an invoice and Australian Business Number (ABN). If you do not already have an ABN, you will need to obtain one before you complete your contract.
Applying for an ABN
Submit your ABN & Billing Details
Submit your billing details using the form below. If your billing details change you can use the form below to update your details with us.
Billing Details Update
Get Started with LearnEd Digital Classroom
You will be using LearnEd Digital Classroom as your primary tool for conducting lessons. Learned Digital Classroom is similar to Zoom where you can collaborate with your students on an online whiteboard. All work is persistent and remains saved in the space after the lesson, which you can come back to in the next lesson. Familiarise with Lesson Space here:
Get Started with LearnEd Lesson Space
Optional Further Reading - The LearnEd Tutoring Guide
The Tutoring Guide is a great reference of all the information you will need regarding how tutoring works, software you will need, how invoicing works. You can keep this link handy or you can access this link via the main tutor portal page in future.
Open Tutoring Guide
Getting Feedback and Becoming a Top Tutor
There will also be occasional reviews of reports and session recordings throughout your tutoring. It is a good idea to ask for feedback even if it isn't your first time tutoring, because we want to help you feel confident and able to provide the best tutoring experience possible! Tips to be a great tutor:

  • Be available for 4 hours per week or more during prime time slots of Mon-Thurs 4-7pm
  • Accept tutor offers that match your availability and subjects.
  • Keep you availability up to date.
  • Attend all scheduled lessons.
  • Minimise rescheduling of lessons.
  • Let us know if you are sick and are likely to miss a lesson. Reschedule any missed lessons with your clients.
  • Keep tutoring your students during school holidays and university exam periods etc.
I'm Having Trouble with the LearnEd Digital Classroom
Review the advice on our getting started guide: https://learned.thelessonspace.com/help/getting-started

Get help with common issues at: https://help.learned.au/hc/en-us/articles/7567576215961-Common-LearnEd-digital-classroom-issues-and-solutions

They are usually pretty quick to reply, but if you have any further issues or the issues are not resolved please let us know by emailing tutors@learned.au
Who Do I Contact For Help with the Onboarding Process?
Email Rachel, our Tutor Co-ordinator, if you have any questions or need help with any stage in this process.

I'm unable to complete my onboarding within 14 days. What do I do?
We would like our tutors to begin tutoring ASAP, however we understand that sometimes unexpected things can come up and can make it difficult to meet the 14 day onboarding deadline. If you have a legitimate reason for being unable to complete your onboarding, please contact tutors@learned.au

Please note that failure to complete onboarding within 14 days, without a legitimate reason or attempts to contact us with reasonable notice, will result in contract termination.